Riffling through my draws – Part One

Bra Posts

In a friendship you share a variety of things, similar interests, crushes and sometimes clothes. That’s how I’d like to view this blog, as a friendship. Hopefully this first box of sharing similar interests has been ticked and that’s how you found yourself on my blog, sharing the interest of a good fitting bra and dressing the hourglass figure. Secondly, crushes, now I’m not talking about the next door neighbour or a celebrity crush (although Colin Firth is very attractive), I’m talking about bra crushes. Bras that are out of reach for any reason, be it the price, lack of sizes or the fact we simply can’t find it. Lastly, although I won’t be sharing literal clothes and bras with you I shall be sharing OOTD’s and bra posts, and that folks is exactly what this post is all about. Welcome to my bra wardrobe!


That’s it all twelve of them, ranging from 34G to 28J, however I only wear four of them (the other shall soon be going to a better place, but before their departure I felt they needed a good send off). First up is the “Ultimate strapless lace bra” by Wonderbra in a 34G.


This bra I’m ashamed to say never actually fit me, but in reality it wasn’t supposed to. You see, this was my prom bra, after weeks of looking for a bra I came across this in the sale and swiftly bought it with the fear I’d never find a strapless bra. So, it may not have fit but it did the job and may I say did it beautifully. It almost felt as if I wasn’t wearing a bra, minus the black eyes! If you can find this little number in your size I’d say go for it, you won’t be disappointed.


Now this bra did once upon a time fit me, the 34G fully held my breasts in place and looked stunning while doing so. Sadly I cannot find the link however it is a bravissimo own brand and I must admit their own brand is my favourite, full of beautiful patterns, gorgeous fabrics and usually a little something in the central gore for the fuller bust.


Now this was the first ever bra I had from bravissimo and by golly did I wear it! It’s safe to say that for a very long time before I was allowed to venture into the world of colourful bras that this was by far my favourite bra, and again by the bravissimo brand. This bra gives great support and a nice rounded shape and is certainly a bra built to last. Sadly I’m unable to find a link however a search on ebay may help if you wish to view this bra.


Yet again I fail to find the link, sorry 😦 but I can tell you it’s a bravissimo own brand and is very very pretty. However, that pretty much is all I can tell you, you see In desperate need of new bras last summer I went to my nearest bravissimo which is a train ride away, and if I’m honest it wasn’t a good experience. Usually the staff are lovely, on this instance however, my fitter certainly wasn’t. I believe I went in wearing a 30HH with quadraboob and very loose straps, I came out with this bra and its twin In a size 32GG, thus they have never been worn. So although this is a very pretty bra I am unable to comment on the fit.


On a lighter note is the gorgeous “Bettie Mae”, now this is my most favourite bra of all time and one I wear often, despite it being ill-fitting and having a broken underwire, yes , this too is by the bravissimo own brand and I love it! I shall tell you about the fit as this bra is just to glorious for words! This bra now only gives fantastic support but also a killer cleavage, giving the soup-bowl effect and looking glorious, this bra also has three hooks for that extra support – what could be more perfect?!!

With that I shall be signing off, my next post shall be an OOTN as I’m going somewhere very exciting tonight! I shall then continue with part 2 of my bra collection which contains my favourite bra. If you have any ideas for posts please feel free to comment! 😀

Much love
Hannah x


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