Why hello there…


Hello there, I am Hannah and welcome to my first every blog post, I must admit I’m a little scared! Before I delve into the world of blogging I feel I should tell you a little about myself and why I exactly I, of all people found myself writing this blogpost in the early hours of a Friday morning whilst wearing a Christmas dressing gown…grab yourself a cuppa…and go!

I am currently a student planning on world domination (I’m not even kidding), but I’m one of the good guys, promise! I doubt however, that you wish to know my life story so I won’t bore you with that, although if you want it ask away and I promise i’ll answer. My bra journey begins with my mother and I in a supermarket, all was well until the age of about 11 (early bloomer), I no-longer fitted into the flimsy training bras and the quest was on! Instead of buying a larger cup size however, mum went for a larger back size (ladies this is very wrong, a post shall soon follow) until well, we ran out of numbers. So off we trotted with 13 year old me to bravissimo, I was no longer a C – cup, but now an F! Yes that’s right an F, 34F to be precise, still have the bra somewhere aswell. You may think this would be the end of the story but no, a few years later and with the measurements of 38-30-42 and about a 3 stone weight loss I am now a very full 28J (a fitting is soon needed). That’s the boob history, now the blogging part.

I was always being stuck in beige bras (post to follow) and felt this was the only way, until I stumbled across two lovely ladies blogs, these being fullerfigurefullerbust and kel-kitty, they taught be bras for big busts weren’t all beige and look like something your Nan would wear, the bras, like the person wearing them could be glorious and I didn’t need to hide my figure in mums baggy tops! So, with this new found knowledge off I toddled to debenhams where I made a horrid discovery.

I was quite happily trying to bras when a young girl wanting a bra fitting came into the cubicle next to me. Firstly the bra fitter took out a tape measure, (the first big no no I learnt from reading blogs), she then proclaimed the girl to be a 36C, the young girl in question had been looking at bras near me and I could tell even with my untrained eye that she was most certainly not a 36C.I wanted to burst through the wall and tell her STOP – but felt she might object! This ladies is why I have created this blog, to educate and help young girls get properly fitted and not be scared to hide their fantastic figures but to flaunt them with their heads held high and with that, ciao for now!

Hannah x


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