I went for a little shop


imageAs I said in my post last night I did something very exciting, well for me anyway. Incase you’re not a musical junkie like me and haven’t already guessed from the title, last might I saw my friends performance of “Little Shop of Horrors” and WOW. Anyway back to the fashion.

It’s been pretty hot in the UK recently and knowing the performance was to be in a hall with no windows, no doors, no ventilation but lots of hot sticky people I needed something that would keep me cool yet still be appropriate. Apparently wearing a just underwear isn’t (I was heart broken). Underwear aside (for now ;))I went for a skirt and shirt combo with my trusty belt.

Firstly the top, I chose white as not only does it keep you cool but also adds a nice contrast to the dark of the skirt. I would like to point out this top is am extra small, and I by no means am an extra small, yet I think it fits like a glove. So ladies, try things on!! You will also notice I have tucked in the shirt to avoid the dreaded triangle, when the fabric hangs from your boobs leaving you with no shape.

Cheshire Oaks - Michael Kors - £10

Cheshire Oaks – Michael Kors – £10

Now on its own this shirt has no definition and quite frankly I looked like a sack of spuds, which is definitely not the look I was going for, so out came the trusty waist belt from primark to pull me in at the waist accentuating my hourglass figure.

Lastly the skirt, now I love this piece firstly because its simply pretty and secondly because it skims over my wobbly tummy and chunky thighs…yay for skater skirts. The sizing of this skirt was also a little shocking, this is In a size 10 and although I am now a size 10 I was certainly not this time last year, so like I said before. Try things on you may be suprised.

Cheshire Oaks - Oasis - £5

Cheshire Oaks – Oasis – £5

For those wondering I wore my blue satine bra bra from bravissimo, blogpost to follow. A well fitting bra is essential not only for the health benefits but also as it will show an hourglass figure off so you look show stopping. Not like you didn’t before ;). Hope your Friday night was as lovely as mine.image

Much love
Hannah x


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