Riffling through my draws – Part 2

Bra Posts

Well hello again, how’s your week been? Well I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine, I know I certainly have! Now back to the bras, this shall be the second half to my bra collection, bras included in this section are from Cleo, Bravissimo, and Boux Avenue. Now sit back relax and enjoy!


The first bra in the section is this beautiful bra the Zia Bra by Cleo.I love Cleo as a brand as they have bright coloured prints which I like, catering for the younger bustier lady. I love this bra for many reasons, first it gives a lovely rounded shape, has beautiful detail in the central gore, and is simply Gorgeous. My favourite colour is purple and I love polka dots, so this bra quickly found its way into my collection. I especially love the little ribbon effect at the very top of the cup and am glad this detail doesn’t alter the way tops sit against bras. I bought this bra in a 30H a while ago, and although it isn’t the best fit now I still love wearing it for the days I want less cleavage. For the days when I want a little more oomph I wear my absolute favourite bras (keep reading to find out). Cleo is certainly a close second to my favourite bra brand!


This bra is my only bra from a company that sells bras ranging from an A cup, although not all styles run in all sizes this is from Boux Avenue. I have a little issue with this brand as the band size goes no lower than a 30, however the band runs quite small so I think that someone who is a 28 band could comfortably fit in a 30. I haven’t worn this bra in a while as it simply doesn’t fit, however I can remember it giving a nice rounded shape and being very supportive. However, I find on me that the central gore is a little large for me and caused a blister to form where it rubbed against my skin. All In all this bra is lovely even with the central gore issue.


This lovely bra was one of my favourites along with the Cleo when I liked the halfcup style, this bra is the Luxe Heart bra by Bravissimo. This again gives a lovely shape and has beautiful detail, purple and sparkley – this is me in bra form. Again with lovely detail in the central gore, this bra also has extra detail at the bottom of the bra, lovely ribbon detail, which surprisingly doesn’t itch at all. I have one little issue with this bra, this is the issue with the straps. The straps also have ribbon detail at the bottom, which restricts how much you can adjust these straps, limiting both the support and lift. Until you need to adjust the straps though, this bra is lovely.


Next in my collection is the a href=”http://www.bravissimo.com/products/sale/lingerie/sensational-sets/sherbet-stripe-bra/hot-pink/pa20hp/?show=all&brand=bravissimo&sale=”>Sherbet Stripe bra by Bravissimo, this bra is gorgeous and reminds me of a sweet shop. This is in a 30HH and when it fit it was lovely giving a similar fit to the Boux Avenue bra, the central gore again is very high, higher than Boux Avenue, again blistering the skin it rested upon.


Last but not least are my very favourite bras, the Satine Bra by Bravissimo, not only do I own these in colours, but also in the floral print, I wear these bras no stop. They give such amazing lift, support, give an amazing cleavage and are lovely and smooth underclothes and are visually stunning. The two coloured bras are in a 30HH and the floral in a 28J, to tell you the truth I could do with a 30J in this, as the cups are overflowing in the 30HH but the band seems ok, whereas the 28 is a little snug. These bras are beautiful, now all they need to do is make a purple one ;).

What’s your favourite bra?

Much love
Hannah x


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