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The summer sales are in full force with stealthy shoppers scooping up bargains galore, but it isnt just clothing bargains to be had. Lingerie sales are in full flow allowing big busts to scoop and swoop away with some bargains while doing the same in their brand new bras. So ladies, get shopping. Now is also the perfect time to get fitted so you know you’re buying the correct size, I’ll be having a fitting very soon and shall share what I buy. For now these are my lingerie sale lusts.


First up is this gorgeous Retro Bloom bra by Bravissimo down to an amazing £24. This bra is simply gorgeous, firstly the pattern is stunning with beautiful red, peach and blue flowers dotted on a slightly patterned background with cute red ribbon-esque detail,this bra is simply breathtaking. Next, the mechanics (is that the right word?) of the bra, this bra boasts light padding which I love in a bra, giving great support and lift. This bra also has 3hooks in sizes GG-HH, allowing greater support. Support and lift is also enhanced by the fact the bra has fully adjustable straps. If it fits me when I go for my fitting I shall be a VERY happy girl.


This is the Wild Bra by Curvy Kate down to £23 in the bravissimo. I’m sure we can see why this is called the “wild bra”, with stunning animal print partnered with girlie pink this bra is beautiful and gives a killer cleavage! Not only is it gorgeous it also boasts fully adjustable straps giving fab support and lift and also has 3hooks in sizes FF-J giving a little extra support. Curvy Kate always make gorgeous bras and this bra is most certainly no exception!


Now if you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know that this one of my favourite bras, and now Bravissimo have brought out the gorgeous Bettie Mae out in my favourite colour, a gorgeous purple for only £25.50 in the sale. Now I won’t bore you with a detailed ‘why I want this bra’ as I have already explained why this bra is simply gorgeous in previous posts. Ok look I couldn’t help myself, with a low central gore a stunning plunge is created however this bra is still very supportive with the fully adjustable straps and 3 hooks GG-J. I’d just like to add a little note about the briefs, they are gorgeous, copying the bra pattern in the front with a cheeky sheer back with a lovely bow. This bra shall be finding its way into my collection hopefully very soon.


I have wanted this gorgeous Hatty Bra by Freya for the longest time, sadly this bra stops at a GG which won’t fit me :'(. However for the lucky GG’s and under this bra is breathtaking, boasting a low central gore and a moulded cup this bra gives gorgeous cleavage this bra screams out to be bought. If I was a GG I’d have had this bra long ago!


If I was going to the beach I’d definitely have this beautiful Bikini by Fullfilled , I found this bikini for a steal at £18.95 a saving of £16.05 wowza. So onto the beauty of this bikini, boasting a beautiful tropical print on a teal background I think this bra would look lovely on my pale skin. This bra also has adjustable straps so you can get the right support for you. The bikinis cups are also in three pieces adding extra support, ensuring no boob exposure. Just get me to the beach!

What’s on your lust list?

Much love
Hannah x


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