Edwards and Millers – can it be?!

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A few days ago I came across a new brand of lingerie, this brand was Edwards and Millers, a brand which caters for the big boobed small backed woman, of which I am one. I recently watched the introduction video to this brand and was asked to write in one sentence what appealed to me about it, I did, then realised there were many more things which appealed to me than I had written down, and thus this post was born.

Edwards and Millers first started as a blog known as BBSB ran by the lovely Tracy who understood the hardship of finding a bra with a small back and a large cup size. She then began to receive emails from BBSB women all around the world asking for her advice on where to find such bras, thus Edwards and Millers was born.

I fit into this BBSB category, as a rapidly growing 28j I am on the constant lookout for nice, good quality non beige bras! After reading many interviews with the lovely lady herself I found that she wants this brand to cater for the younger BBSB, with gorgeous designs and good quality materials, ladies, this is what we have been waiting for. No longer will we have to adjust our bras or just stick our boobs in, the BBSB lady can now have a glorious new bra that low and behold will fit, with sizes starting at a DD and going to an M in bands 26-34! She even talks about a longline bra – this brand is our heaven ladies! We can soon have a good quality, well fitting gorgeous bra so much easier.

What do we want? Gorgeous bras!
In what sizes? BBSB sizes!
Who’s going to give it to us? Edwards and Millers

Hope your as excited as I am
Hannah xxxx


2 thoughts on “Edwards and Millers – can it be?!

  1. Ooh lovely! Can’t wait to see what styles and designs they are going to be releasing. Not sure what band sizing they will stop at, I’m a 34 back so I’m not sure they’re going to carry it, but even if they don’t, I’m glad a brand is focusing on BBSB!

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