Flippy and fabulous


It’s safe to say I’m a topshop girl, I can guarantee when I go in i’ll take a bundle of clothes in and take nothing home as like Sophia Jenner said, they just aren’t cut for big boobs or an hourglass figure. So, as my less curvy friends buy large amounts of sale items (one friend bought a red carpet style gown for £15!), i’m left trying on shoes and pulling fully faces in the mirrors, until now. I was recently in the liverpool store and needed a dress for my friends wedding, after looking around and wanting to pull my hair out I came across this gorgeous number, the ‘Flippy dress’


I purchased this dress in a size 10 and it fits snug as a bug! As you can see it cinches me in at the waist and skims over my hips due to the skater skirt cut emphasising my small waist thus showing off my hourglass figure. Now without sounding bigheaded, I think my boobs look pretty darn good in this dress, and you know what, the dress fits perfectly over them, no I can see your bra business this dress has real stretch. The underarm bra is even covered due to the sleeves, and the dress isn’t too long or too short just perfect for me, hitting just above my knee and hiding my thighs (we’re not good friends). I don’t really know what else to say about this lovely dress, it certainly got some (nice) male attention and was fab for dancing in. This dress can also be worn either in summer with bare legs or winter with tights, it’s that time of inbetweeny fabric, in the winter it keeps you all snug, but in the summer keeps you cool.


This was me getting ready for the wedding, aren’t I pretty ;). With that I’m off to bed, hope you’ve all had a marvellous Monday and have a wonderful week ahead.

Much love
Hannah x


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