Scoop, swoop and jiggle

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No, this ‘scoop, swoop and jiggle’ isn’t the new dance craze sweeping the nation, this you lovely lot is how you should put your bras on. This technique ensures you are wearing the correct size and makes sure your breasts look their best. You may remember in one of my posts I mentioned that only three bras fit me, oh how wrong I was. I tried on these bras earlier today and let’s just say, they don’t fit quite as well as I thought!


The bra in question is the satine bra by bravissimo, my favourite bra ever (for now). As you can see under this top all looks well, my bra looks like a perfect fit in a 30HH. Read on to find why I was wrong!


All looks well, my boobs are comfortably in the bra, with a little extra room. However , this is a very badly fitting bra. The bra straps should only come off your shoulders for 2 inches, this is the width of about three fingers, as you can see my straps were definitely coming off more than two inches.


With the straps adjusted the next stop is the band. The band should sit firmly against the back, you should only be able to fit 2 fingers but no more around the entire band. Now, I could fit a fist around mine, although I couldn’t get any pictures as I’m simply not bendy enough (sorry).

Now for the scoop, swoop and jiggle. Scoop up your breast from under your arm, lift it up, swoop it up to the other side and put it back into your bra, do the same with the other breast. Them jiggle yourself into the cups. I did this and look at the results;


My boobs are now overflowing in the cups, this bra is now far too small for me rather than too big than we first thought. Oh well, bra shopping calls.

Hope you found this useful.

Much love
Hannah x


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