Pepperberry vintage shirt dress review



A while ago I bought this lovely dress from pepperberry and I’ve wanted more prints ever since. So, if you’re pondering buying this dress or just curious about a small section of the pepperberry range, look no further, this post has got you covered.

The dress come in two pieces, a little peach under lining (cover up stomach etc as the dress itself is very sheer) and the dress itself. The lining clings to the curves of the body, making it an ideal base, the dress itself does the same, skimming over all the right bits. The sleeves cut off just below the shoulder, ensuring no bra straps are shown. The dress (on 5’6 me) cuts off just below the knee, at the slimmest part of my leg, making it look like my legs are that slim all the way up (I likey). Due to the fact pepperberry sizes come in curvy,really curvy, super curvy and super duper curvy, the waist it pulled in, rather than being swamped by fabric like in some other high street dresses. There is also a cleverly concealed zip at the side, rather than at the back which makes the whole dressing process so much easier. There are buttons on the chest so you can decide on the level of chest you want out, there is also ruching detailing on the chest which has caused arguments among bloggers alike, some like it, others find that it draws unwanted volume to the chest area. I however, like it, I think it adds a little something special to an otherwise pretty normal dress.

I do however have an issue with this dress, this issue isn’t with the dress itself but is with the belt, it simply does nothing for you, doesn’t pull you in, it just kind of hangs. I swiftly changed the belt for my waist belt and the dress transforms. My bust looks busty (?) my waist cinched in and my hips are the perfect end to an hourglass. If you’re an hourglass who likes dresses then this is a must. I’m off to maybe buy the spotty one :D.

Much love
Hannah x


A knicker box of glory


So you’ve found that perfect bra or bikini top, then you start looking for the matching bottoms, and suddenly you’re met with different cuts and you just don’t know what to do. Well never fear as Hannah is here to give you a little guidance to help not only your boobs but also make your booty look bootylicious!


For those of you who’d go to any length to get model long legs, have no fear help is here. Unfortunately we can’t change the length of our legs, but what we can do is trick the eye, if this is you, then something like this is the answer.


This lovely item is from the brand Kris Line which is stocked at brastop. Now brastop is one of my favourite places to shop, not only for bras but also for knickers as they have a range of knickers that are just £2 these knickers are from brands such as Freya, Kris Line etc, gorgeous knickers for a fraction of the price :D. Back to why you should wear this style. By finding a higher cut knicker this will make the leg appear longer and making you look like you’re six foot tall. A dipped cut in the stomach area will also make you appear taller, as this extends the torso, making you look twice as tall. This style is also good for people who have larger bums and wish to hide them, as by extending the torso and legs it balances the proportions out.


If you want to hide your tummy for any reason your best bet is high waisted, and it’s your lucky day, they’re back in fashion.


I found this pair at Boux avenue, but lots of brands do them like Curvy Kate. This is simple, the high waist will help suck you in and cut you off at your smallest point, your waist, pulling you in. For extra lean-ness, go for a style with black on the outer side as this will streamline the figure.


If you want to detract attention from your chest, simply aim it somewhere else with a brightly printed knicker.


The above is again from brastop for a fantastic £2. By having a bold print the eyes will be guided somewhere else you’d like to be on show. This idea can be switched around, if you want your bum to be hidden.

The above ideas are both for bikinis and underwear sets 🙂

Hope this helped someone
Much love
Hannah xxx

Review – Curvy Kate Wild Bra

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G’on guess what I bought…..THE WILD BRA! My first ever curvy Kate, and may I say it fits lovely in my collection. Without further a do, here’s a little review.


Firstly the fit, like in other reviews of the Curvy Kate range the band is claimed to be quite loose, and I agree. I would suggest going down in the band in this range and up either one or two cups. I firstly tried this bra on in a 30H, however the band and was far too loose, I then tried on the 28HH, the band was a teeny weeny bit loose but sadly they don’t do a 26 band, however all I need to do is tighten the band a little and all Is well. As said I tried on the HH, I could have done with a J (possibly a JJ) in this bra as there is a little overspill but nothing that a little tucking won’t fix. Sadly the store didn’t have this bra in a 28J, but I was perfectly happy tucking my boobs in and wiggling the underwire right under the breast tissue (fits lovely when you do that). This bra gives your boobs a lovely rounded shape and makes them look like the models in the above image!

Next the design. The bra is gorgeous, from the animal print mesh covering, to the satin pink cups and the beautiful lace detailing, this bra is both elegant and fun. The straps are a cream colour, this cream colour matches the colour of the bows which decorate the gore and low section of straps and the lace detailing. Using this detailing ties the design together beautifully. This bra has light padding and 3 section cups, these features allow for a gorgeous uplift and shape. The straps of this bra are fully adjustable and the band boasts 3 hooks, allowing for varied and full support.

In conclusion this bra is grrrreat and I just couldn’t keep my paws off it, (see what I did). This is to be the first of many Curvy Kate purchases. Hope this helped anyone considering purchasing this beautiful bra.

Much love

Want to check out Curvy Kate? With a beautiful range covering D-K, who wouldn’t?!

Bravissimo fitting experience

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So today me and my friend decided to go to Liverpool shopping, I needed bras so bravissimo was on the cards. It was my first ever time in Bravissimo Liverpool (although I have been many times in another branch) and it was a lovely experience. Walking in I was met by the bright smiley faces of staff and a large selection of the Pepperberry range with a selection of bras at the back. Upon arrival I was asked if I needed any help, which is always nice. I then finished looking at the sale bras (I REALLY wanted the bras on my recent lingerie lusts post). So with bras in hand I went upstairs to book my fitting.


Climbing the carpet clad stairs I arrived at the waiting area, beautifully decorated with pink sofas, a water dispenser, images of bravissimo models, magazines and lots of husbands! Despite there being a large que I was told my fitting would be in the next 10minutes. Myself and my less busty friend then waited for what seemed like two minutes until my name was called and off I toddled with my lovely fitter and sale bras in hand to my dressing room.


Every bravissimo dressing room is the same, fitted with a large mirror, silk dressing gown, numerous hooks, a stool and the newest issue of the bravissimo catalogue. The fitter introduced herself (can’t remember her name but she was lovely as all bravissimo fitters are), asked if I had been to bravissimo before, she then gave me a little background to bravissimo to refresh my memory. Then the fitting started. I was asked what size bra I was wearing and how it felt on, she asked if I could remove my top so she could see how my bra fitted. She checked the fitting of my bra and explained that the bra fit fine and that a 28J was my true size. NO TAPE MEASURES I was them asked what my favourite style of bra was, I explained that it was plunge and then off she went on an adventure to the stock room, and may I say a very successful one!


She then returned with a gorgeous tutti rouge bra (reviews to come) and a satine bra (previously reviewed) in white. She asked what I though of them, I thought they were fab! I was asked if I’d like her to pop out when I tried the bras on, or whether she was ok to stay, I asked her to pop out and so she did. First I tried on the Satine bra, I called that it was ok for her to come in. She then adjusted the bra straps and explained it was a lovely fit, which it was, but I already had this bra (see they’re basically telepathic!), next up was the tutti rouge. I had a little issue with this bra, the 28 was simply far too tight. I told her I needed help, she readjusted me then confirmed that I was a 30 back in this brand, she went back to the stock room and returned with the bra in a 30HH. It fit YAY, however I had my eye on a little sale item (maybe next time tutti rouge). I then tried on said sale item and she checked the fit for me. I explained I only wanted to buy the sale bra, she didn’t push me to buy anything else and treated me like a friend. she then told me about the pepperyberry line and after asking my clothes sizes explained I would be a 10sc, she then left me to get dressed and off I toddled with my curvy Kate wild bra in a beautiful bravissimo bag, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a sticker.


I’ve always had good experiences in bravissimo, they’re always so lovely and make the experience very relaxing, I couldn’t recommend them more. Hope this helped anyone who was thinking about having a fitting!

Much love
Hannah x

Check them out –

*Please note the top and bottom images are mine, the middle are taken from the bravissimo website*

Wannabe pinup ootd


Today I went shopping and thought on this bright sunny day that I’d share what I wore with you. Sadly I couldn’t get a very good picture to show you my whole outfit so have included pictures of just the top.

Today I wore the most exiting and newest edition to my wardrobe, my first ever crop top from h&m. Sadly I couldn’t finds online but I’m sure you’ll be able to find it in your local shop, this was £5 in the sale. I pulled this tight around my middle to show off my tiny waist. This was purchased in a size 12 so is a little baggy on my size 10 frame, but fits over my chest with no gaping, I think a size 10 would have also fit but they sadly had no size 10 :(. The bottom is rather boring, I just put on some high waisted black leggings from topshop, allowing my stomach to be sucked in and my features (hips and waist) enhanced.


Hope you enjoyed this little post – what did you wear today?
Much love
Hannah x

Ann Summers Helena bra review

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Today I received this lovely bra in the post, I couldn’t wait to rip the package open and try it on. Try it on I did, sadly it didn’t fit (size 32H didn’t mix well with my 28J bust). Regardless, I shall write a little review best I can.

Firstly the design, the above picture is true to life, the bra arrived just as it did In the image, with satin ruby red cups, delicate detail and ruching on the straps.

The band I’d say is fairly firm to fit, like I said I bought it in a 32 band when in reality I’m a 28, I adjusted the band to the tightest hook and it wasn’t a bad fit. The underwire doesn’t go up to high meaning it doesn’t rub against the skin, and the low central gore creates a fab plunge effect, giving cracking cleavage. The cups are slightly padded giving a rounded effect. The cups are also in three sections, giving great support and uplift.

Now, onto the not so good parts, the straps are only half adjustable meaning the support factor is limited. There is also only two hooks and eyes limiting support. This was my first Ann summers purchase, and sadly due to the limited sizing, it shall be my last.

Hope this review helped
Much love
Hannah x

Guest post – Cleo Zia review

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“Hi there! I’m Samantha from I’m thrilled to say this is my first guest post and I’ve traded places with Hannah for a day to review my favorite bra, the Cleo Zia. I’m an American girl with a big dream of becoming a full-figure lingerie designer. I plan to move to England next year to attend school in Leicester to learn about designing and creating lingerie and swimsuits. To learn more about me and my journey pop on over to my blog! Now, on to the review!
I love Cleo. It’s my favorite brand. Panache does some amazing things with their Cleo line and the Zia is, in my humble opinion, their crowning work.

I bought a Zia online in a 32J, even though technically I’m a 34HH (blogger on a budget!) and sewed on an extender. I also bought the briefs in a size 14, which I worried would be snug but ended up being a great fit. The shape of the Cleo is perfect for me. Its wires are super narrow, with a width of only 18 centimeters (7 inches) and a wire-length of 34 centimeters (13.5 inches) is enough to fully encompass without stabbing me in the arms. The gore is narrow and the bra pushes the breast tissue to the front giving an uplifted and all-in-front look, which is Cleo’s signature look.


The cup fabric is strong and solid without stretch. It’s black with white, gray and yellow polka dots which are utterly cute and flirty, and the top of the cup is made of black mesh with white flower embroidery. It doesn’t have too much room at the top, like the Marcie did on me, nor does it cut in and give the dreaded quad-boob. It does have a sweetheart neckline which gives a little grace in lower shirts.

Since the Zia is part of Cleo’s winter line the wings are of a thicker fabric than what is on their summer line. They use a double layer of breathable, four-way stretch fabric on the wings which I think gives more support than the single layer mesh they use on the spring/summer bras. (If you like a breathable band I’d recommend buying out of Cleo’s spring/summer lines but if you want more support I would recommend going with an autumn/winter bra.) The bra only has 2 hook and eyes and I really wish it had three, but it doesn’t feel like it lessens the support and the band stays low enough to not be an issue.

The straps are 2 centimeters (almost an inch) across, fully adjustable, and are made of the textured elastic seen on many Cleo bras. It also has tiny scallops on each side made of a thick, embroidery-style thread and between the texture of the straps and the scallops the length stays put and I find I only have to adjust the straps after every few wears, rather than every time (or all day long!) They are also lined with a soft fleece-like fabric on the inside of the straps and on all the elastic edges and wires, making this bra super comfy.

The bra has adorable features like a yellow bow and a tiny flower charm between the cups, which are also on the front of the briefs.


The briefs have the same polka dot fabric on the front and the back is made of the same fabric that the wings of the bra are – which is not quite see-through. They also have a little bit of scalloped trim on the front at the legs, which I love. I don’t usually buy the briefs to go along with the bras I buy, but these have spoiled me and now I wish I had briefs to match all my bras.
Honestly, this would be the place where I would voice my complaints or concerns about a bra but I don’t have any! I love this bra and it’s definitely secured its place as the favorite in my collection.

Thanks for letting me share my favorite bra with you and I hope to see you again!

Have a great one!


Flippy and fabulous


It’s safe to say I’m a topshop girl, I can guarantee when I go in i’ll take a bundle of clothes in and take nothing home as like Sophia Jenner said, they just aren’t cut for big boobs or an hourglass figure. So, as my less curvy friends buy large amounts of sale items (one friend bought a red carpet style gown for £15!), i’m left trying on shoes and pulling fully faces in the mirrors, until now. I was recently in the liverpool store and needed a dress for my friends wedding, after looking around and wanting to pull my hair out I came across this gorgeous number, the ‘Flippy dress’


I purchased this dress in a size 10 and it fits snug as a bug! As you can see it cinches me in at the waist and skims over my hips due to the skater skirt cut emphasising my small waist thus showing off my hourglass figure. Now without sounding bigheaded, I think my boobs look pretty darn good in this dress, and you know what, the dress fits perfectly over them, no I can see your bra business this dress has real stretch. The underarm bra is even covered due to the sleeves, and the dress isn’t too long or too short just perfect for me, hitting just above my knee and hiding my thighs (we’re not good friends). I don’t really know what else to say about this lovely dress, it certainly got some (nice) male attention and was fab for dancing in. This dress can also be worn either in summer with bare legs or winter with tights, it’s that time of inbetweeny fabric, in the winter it keeps you all snug, but in the summer keeps you cool.


This was me getting ready for the wedding, aren’t I pretty ;). With that I’m off to bed, hope you’ve all had a marvellous Monday and have a wonderful week ahead.

Much love
Hannah x

Edwards and Millers – can it be?!

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A few days ago I came across a new brand of lingerie, this brand was Edwards and Millers, a brand which caters for the big boobed small backed woman, of which I am one. I recently watched the introduction video to this brand and was asked to write in one sentence what appealed to me about it, I did, then realised there were many more things which appealed to me than I had written down, and thus this post was born.

Edwards and Millers first started as a blog known as BBSB ran by the lovely Tracy who understood the hardship of finding a bra with a small back and a large cup size. She then began to receive emails from BBSB women all around the world asking for her advice on where to find such bras, thus Edwards and Millers was born.

I fit into this BBSB category, as a rapidly growing 28j I am on the constant lookout for nice, good quality non beige bras! After reading many interviews with the lovely lady herself I found that she wants this brand to cater for the younger BBSB, with gorgeous designs and good quality materials, ladies, this is what we have been waiting for. No longer will we have to adjust our bras or just stick our boobs in, the BBSB lady can now have a glorious new bra that low and behold will fit, with sizes starting at a DD and going to an M in bands 26-34! She even talks about a longline bra – this brand is our heaven ladies! We can soon have a good quality, well fitting gorgeous bra so much easier.

What do we want? Gorgeous bras!
In what sizes? BBSB sizes!
Who’s going to give it to us? Edwards and Millers

Hope your as excited as I am
Hannah xxxx

Scoop, swoop and jiggle

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No, this ‘scoop, swoop and jiggle’ isn’t the new dance craze sweeping the nation, this you lovely lot is how you should put your bras on. This technique ensures you are wearing the correct size and makes sure your breasts look their best. You may remember in one of my posts I mentioned that only three bras fit me, oh how wrong I was. I tried on these bras earlier today and let’s just say, they don’t fit quite as well as I thought!


The bra in question is the satine bra by bravissimo, my favourite bra ever (for now). As you can see under this top all looks well, my bra looks like a perfect fit in a 30HH. Read on to find why I was wrong!


All looks well, my boobs are comfortably in the bra, with a little extra room. However , this is a very badly fitting bra. The bra straps should only come off your shoulders for 2 inches, this is the width of about three fingers, as you can see my straps were definitely coming off more than two inches.


With the straps adjusted the next stop is the band. The band should sit firmly against the back, you should only be able to fit 2 fingers but no more around the entire band. Now, I could fit a fist around mine, although I couldn’t get any pictures as I’m simply not bendy enough (sorry).

Now for the scoop, swoop and jiggle. Scoop up your breast from under your arm, lift it up, swoop it up to the other side and put it back into your bra, do the same with the other breast. Them jiggle yourself into the cups. I did this and look at the results;


My boobs are now overflowing in the cups, this bra is now far too small for me rather than too big than we first thought. Oh well, bra shopping calls.

Hope you found this useful.

Much love
Hannah x