Why I love my body


Yesterday CurvyKate held am event in the Trafford Centre which gave you the chance to win £200 worth of CurvyKate by telling them why you loved your body. Sadly, I wasn’t able to make the event due to being under the weather with glandular fever, however, I still love my body and believe everyone should love there’s. Why, you may ask. Everyone’s body is transportation to the world around us, our bodies are magical and completely unique, this is why I love mine…

I love my feet as they defied the doctors and helped me walk, once I started I never stopped. My feet have helped me travel, something I will always do. I love my legs because they give me height and help me to reach things from high places and do the splits which is always fun. I love my knees because they look like faces and remind me of drama masks, reminding me of how much I love drama and the large part it has played in my life. I love my bum because its good for wiggling and helps me bounce of a trampoline, I love my hips because they help me dance (badly) to my hearts content. I love my waist because it helps me hula-hoop and is a good place for grabbing when I’m stressed in exams. I love my chest it contains my heart which keeps me alive and is full of things I love, protected by my boobs which are a talking point for conversation, meaning it never runs dry. I love my shoulders and collar bone because they keep my clothes upright. I love my arms as they help me stretch. I love my hands and fingers because they help me write my ideas down, help me play the piano and help me stay connected with those I love. I love my neck as it helps my head be held high. I love my mouth as it helps me voice my opinions,I love my teeth as I’ve never needed a filling and make a cracking smile, I love my checks as when they flush I look like Snow White. I love my nose as it helps me take in new smells, I love my eyes and ears as they let me see and hear the wonderful world around me. I love my hair as it makes me feel like a mermaid and keeps me warm in the winter.

My body Is amazing, no-one can ever take that away from me. Just like no one can take the wonderful creation, that is your body away from you.

Much love
Hannah xxx

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