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Hello again, sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been a poorly blogger (dropped two dress sizes in 6 days!!). I’m back and I’m better than ever, I’ve even got an exciting series coming up and ideas to expand the blog which I am very excited about. I’ll stop babbling now and get on with the review.

I was recently contacted by the lovely people from Charnos asking if they could send me items to review, I agreed they could and a few days later a lovely package popped through the door, (that was a good day). I’d just like to say that although these were sent to me this does not alter my judgement, all opinions are 100% my own and have not been influenced in anyway.


Although my true size isn’t in the size range of Charnos (they start at a size 30 back and end at a size H cup) the lovely lady I was emailing suggested I tried the 30H as this is also a bra size I fit into (boobs are complicated people).

As you can see I received the Sienna set in purple passion. I was told they’d found the perfect set for me, and wow they were right. As I have written in previous posts my favourite colour is purple and this set is purple and simply gorgeous.

This full cup style is in 4 sections for added uplift and support, further support is added by the thick underwires, which although are thick are by no means uncomfortable. The upper section is mesh and has beautiful detailing all over the section which mirrors that of the design on the briefs (more on that later), there is also lovely bow detailing on the central gore and straps. The gore is not to big nor too small and sits comfortably between my boobs. The fourth section is at the side of the bra and is attached to the straps, meaning boobs are pushed forwards and not under the arms.

The straps are fully adjustable which is fab. The straps are not only functional but also fashionable, with ribbed detailing (stops the straps sliding down)and looped detailing which carries on throughout the design. The band is also very thick for added support. This bra has 2hooks and eyes although this is not an issue as I felt very well supported.

The briefs are equally as gorgeous. With the detailing of the bow, mesh design and looped detailing carried on throughout the design of the briefs. I ordered these in a size 10 and can say they fit beautifully and are very comfortable.

Why not check them out, I know you’ll be as pleased as I was

Lots of love
Hannah x


Ann Summers Helena bra review

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Today I received this lovely bra in the post, I couldn’t wait to rip the package open and try it on. Try it on I did, sadly it didn’t fit (size 32H didn’t mix well with my 28J bust). Regardless, I shall write a little review best I can.

Firstly the design, the above picture is true to life, the bra arrived just as it did In the image, with satin ruby red cups, delicate detail and ruching on the straps.

The band I’d say is fairly firm to fit, like I said I bought it in a 32 band when in reality I’m a 28, I adjusted the band to the tightest hook and it wasn’t a bad fit. The underwire doesn’t go up to high meaning it doesn’t rub against the skin, and the low central gore creates a fab plunge effect, giving cracking cleavage. The cups are slightly padded giving a rounded effect. The cups are also in three sections, giving great support and uplift.

Now, onto the not so good parts, the straps are only half adjustable meaning the support factor is limited. There is also only two hooks and eyes limiting support. This was my first Ann summers purchase, and sadly due to the limited sizing, it shall be my last.

Hope this review helped
Much love
Hannah x

Guest post – Cleo Zia review

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“Hi there! I’m Samantha from I’m thrilled to say this is my first guest post and I’ve traded places with Hannah for a day to review my favorite bra, the Cleo Zia. I’m an American girl with a big dream of becoming a full-figure lingerie designer. I plan to move to England next year to attend school in Leicester to learn about designing and creating lingerie and swimsuits. To learn more about me and my journey pop on over to my blog! Now, on to the review!
I love Cleo. It’s my favorite brand. Panache does some amazing things with their Cleo line and the Zia is, in my humble opinion, their crowning work.

I bought a Zia online in a 32J, even though technically I’m a 34HH (blogger on a budget!) and sewed on an extender. I also bought the briefs in a size 14, which I worried would be snug but ended up being a great fit. The shape of the Cleo is perfect for me. Its wires are super narrow, with a width of only 18 centimeters (7 inches) and a wire-length of 34 centimeters (13.5 inches) is enough to fully encompass without stabbing me in the arms. The gore is narrow and the bra pushes the breast tissue to the front giving an uplifted and all-in-front look, which is Cleo’s signature look.


The cup fabric is strong and solid without stretch. It’s black with white, gray and yellow polka dots which are utterly cute and flirty, and the top of the cup is made of black mesh with white flower embroidery. It doesn’t have too much room at the top, like the Marcie did on me, nor does it cut in and give the dreaded quad-boob. It does have a sweetheart neckline which gives a little grace in lower shirts.

Since the Zia is part of Cleo’s winter line the wings are of a thicker fabric than what is on their summer line. They use a double layer of breathable, four-way stretch fabric on the wings which I think gives more support than the single layer mesh they use on the spring/summer bras. (If you like a breathable band I’d recommend buying out of Cleo’s spring/summer lines but if you want more support I would recommend going with an autumn/winter bra.) The bra only has 2 hook and eyes and I really wish it had three, but it doesn’t feel like it lessens the support and the band stays low enough to not be an issue.

The straps are 2 centimeters (almost an inch) across, fully adjustable, and are made of the textured elastic seen on many Cleo bras. It also has tiny scallops on each side made of a thick, embroidery-style thread and between the texture of the straps and the scallops the length stays put and I find I only have to adjust the straps after every few wears, rather than every time (or all day long!) They are also lined with a soft fleece-like fabric on the inside of the straps and on all the elastic edges and wires, making this bra super comfy.

The bra has adorable features like a yellow bow and a tiny flower charm between the cups, which are also on the front of the briefs.


The briefs have the same polka dot fabric on the front and the back is made of the same fabric that the wings of the bra are – which is not quite see-through. They also have a little bit of scalloped trim on the front at the legs, which I love. I don’t usually buy the briefs to go along with the bras I buy, but these have spoiled me and now I wish I had briefs to match all my bras.
Honestly, this would be the place where I would voice my complaints or concerns about a bra but I don’t have any! I love this bra and it’s definitely secured its place as the favorite in my collection.

Thanks for letting me share my favorite bra with you and I hope to see you again!

Have a great one!