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Sadly I won't be travelling the seven seas this summer, but today I wanted to be a pirate so out came this iron fist dress from ebay. The 50s style skirt (promise it's there) emphasises my small waist as does the waistband, while the button detailing on the chest and the halter neck add some nice detailing. This dress is fab for spinning in. I was feeling that piratey I even put my hair in a reverse fish tail and started swaying side to side. (Oh I do like to be beside the sea side)

Are you going away anywhere nice?

Much love
Hannah x


Pepperberry vintage shirt dress review



A while ago I bought this lovely dress from pepperberry and I’ve wanted more prints ever since. So, if you’re pondering buying this dress or just curious about a small section of the pepperberry range, look no further, this post has got you covered.

The dress come in two pieces, a little peach under lining (cover up stomach etc as the dress itself is very sheer) and the dress itself. The lining clings to the curves of the body, making it an ideal base, the dress itself does the same, skimming over all the right bits. The sleeves cut off just below the shoulder, ensuring no bra straps are shown. The dress (on 5’6 me) cuts off just below the knee, at the slimmest part of my leg, making it look like my legs are that slim all the way up (I likey). Due to the fact pepperberry sizes come in curvy,really curvy, super curvy and super duper curvy, the waist it pulled in, rather than being swamped by fabric like in some other high street dresses. There is also a cleverly concealed zip at the side, rather than at the back which makes the whole dressing process so much easier. There are buttons on the chest so you can decide on the level of chest you want out, there is also ruching detailing on the chest which has caused arguments among bloggers alike, some like it, others find that it draws unwanted volume to the chest area. I however, like it, I think it adds a little something special to an otherwise pretty normal dress.

I do however have an issue with this dress, this issue isn’t with the dress itself but is with the belt, it simply does nothing for you, doesn’t pull you in, it just kind of hangs. I swiftly changed the belt for my waist belt and the dress transforms. My bust looks busty (?) my waist cinched in and my hips are the perfect end to an hourglass. If you’re an hourglass who likes dresses then this is a must. I’m off to maybe buy the spotty one :D.

Much love
Hannah x

Flippy and fabulous


It’s safe to say I’m a topshop girl, I can guarantee when I go in i’ll take a bundle of clothes in and take nothing home as like Sophia Jenner said, they just aren’t cut for big boobs or an hourglass figure. So, as my less curvy friends buy large amounts of sale items (one friend bought a red carpet style gown for £15!), i’m left trying on shoes and pulling fully faces in the mirrors, until now. I was recently in the liverpool store and needed a dress for my friends wedding, after looking around and wanting to pull my hair out I came across this gorgeous number, the ‘Flippy dress’


I purchased this dress in a size 10 and it fits snug as a bug! As you can see it cinches me in at the waist and skims over my hips due to the skater skirt cut emphasising my small waist thus showing off my hourglass figure. Now without sounding bigheaded, I think my boobs look pretty darn good in this dress, and you know what, the dress fits perfectly over them, no I can see your bra business this dress has real stretch. The underarm bra is even covered due to the sleeves, and the dress isn’t too long or too short just perfect for me, hitting just above my knee and hiding my thighs (we’re not good friends). I don’t really know what else to say about this lovely dress, it certainly got some (nice) male attention and was fab for dancing in. This dress can also be worn either in summer with bare legs or winter with tights, it’s that time of inbetweeny fabric, in the winter it keeps you all snug, but in the summer keeps you cool.


This was me getting ready for the wedding, aren’t I pretty ;). With that I’m off to bed, hope you’ve all had a marvellous Monday and have a wonderful week ahead.

Much love
Hannah x

Big Bottom Girls


Part of having an hourglass figure means not only do you have a larger chest, you also have a larger bum/thigh area, this can pose as a problem when jean shopping. However, I think I may have found the perfect pair of Jeans for the hourglass, bought after watching a video by llimwalker. The jeans in question are the Topshop Joni Jeans.


I bought mine in a 30″ waist (I was a size 10-12 at the time), however after loosing weight I now require a 28″. If you are thinking of going for these jeans I would size down as these jeans have a lot of stretch which is why these are fab for the larger bum area.

For a long while (during the goth/emo stage) I only wore black skinny jeans from primark. I then came across baggier cuts such as the boyfriend cut, this was the biggest fashion mistake ever! They did nothing for my figure, making me look like i’d stolen the painters trousers. Then the Joni Jean hopped into my life, clinging to the bits you want it to cling to (bum area) while holding in the tummy area (due to the high waist) enhancing our waist.

I would suggest us hourglasses should stay away from the baggier style as they will hide our figure, whereas the skinnier cut will show off all our gorgeous curves.

Over the next week I shall be posting a bra review, high street fashion for curves, scoop and swoop, and my experience of a bravissimo fitting to name a few. What else would you like to see?

Hope you’re all well
Much love
Hannah x

I went for a little shop


imageAs I said in my post last night I did something very exciting, well for me anyway. Incase you’re not a musical junkie like me and haven’t already guessed from the title, last might I saw my friends performance of “Little Shop of Horrors” and WOW. Anyway back to the fashion.

It’s been pretty hot in the UK recently and knowing the performance was to be in a hall with no windows, no doors, no ventilation but lots of hot sticky people I needed something that would keep me cool yet still be appropriate. Apparently wearing a just underwear isn’t (I was heart broken). Underwear aside (for now ;))I went for a skirt and shirt combo with my trusty belt.

Firstly the top, I chose white as not only does it keep you cool but also adds a nice contrast to the dark of the skirt. I would like to point out this top is am extra small, and I by no means am an extra small, yet I think it fits like a glove. So ladies, try things on!! You will also notice I have tucked in the shirt to avoid the dreaded triangle, when the fabric hangs from your boobs leaving you with no shape.

Cheshire Oaks - Michael Kors - £10

Cheshire Oaks – Michael Kors – £10

Now on its own this shirt has no definition and quite frankly I looked like a sack of spuds, which is definitely not the look I was going for, so out came the trusty waist belt from primark to pull me in at the waist accentuating my hourglass figure.

Lastly the skirt, now I love this piece firstly because its simply pretty and secondly because it skims over my wobbly tummy and chunky thighs…yay for skater skirts. The sizing of this skirt was also a little shocking, this is In a size 10 and although I am now a size 10 I was certainly not this time last year, so like I said before. Try things on you may be suprised.

Cheshire Oaks - Oasis - £5

Cheshire Oaks – Oasis – £5

For those wondering I wore my blue satine bra bra from bravissimo, blogpost to follow. A well fitting bra is essential not only for the health benefits but also as it will show an hourglass figure off so you look show stopping. Not like you didn’t before ;). Hope your Friday night was as lovely as mine.image

Much love
Hannah x