Busty on a budget – crop tops


Hello again and welcome to the first instalment of a brand new series on my blog, ‘busty on a budget’. Within this series I’ll be telling you all about the style gems I find that fit the busty, hourglass figure and on a budget. Without further ado….say hello to the crop top.

Crop tops can be a pain, especially if you’re busty, with your usual size usually not covering very much! This was definitely the case for me. After many trips to many shops and trying in many different sizes I’ve found the shop that caters for the busty figure, covering your chest in low and behold…YOUR NORMAL SIZE.

This shop isn’t expensive, nor is it hard to find, it’s the humble high street favourite, primark. Now, sadly I forgot to take pictures but if you take a peek on kel kitty’s blog, you can find pictures and another post all about crop tops.

You can buy the crop tops in your usual size (without the boob), with no stretching or escaping bra to be seen, and as its primark they come in a range of sizes and aren’t very expensive at all. My favourite was a wine coloured number with white hearts, it was gorgeous.

Take a peek at your local primark and tell me what your favourite was.

Happy shopping, much love.
Hannah xxx