Been gone too long


Hi there strangers,

So, its been 3 ish years since my last post – sorry about that. The last three years have been a little, well, rocky to say the least, ive been treated for depression, moved out of the family home into my own swanky flat and got a degree, all without updating – oopsy.

Anyway this bloggers is back and she is better than ever! You may however see a few tweaks to the blog over the next few days as I have a revamp and make it a bit more me, as opposed to 17 year old Hannah. Have a suggestion about what I could post? Please let me know?

Get ready for change!

Hannah x


Gorgeous? Of corset is!

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20131031-104821 PM.jpg

On Friday I ordered this gorgeous little number the white and black polka dress from corsets-uk, my first purchase and certainly not my last. This dress was bought from the sale section for only £45, in a 22inch a bargain I’m sure you’ll agree. Corsets-uk were very quick and on Tuesday morning this beauty arrived on my doorstep. After getting stuck (it’s my first corset) and a little help from mumma I was safely secured and my waist had shrunk by six inches to only 20inches. WOWZA!

There isn’t a bad thing I can say about this,the fabric is fantastic quality and the corset sucks me in but is very comfortable. The only issue is that I should have ordered a size up to accommodate my boobs – but that’s my own fault. Thanks corsets-uk for my first corset experience, it certainly won’t be my last. Bring on the Monroe curves.

I’m going to a vintage fair on Sunday, so am wear this to that. What’s your favourite corset?

Love Hannah xxx

Ps- I was not sent this by corsets-uk and all opinions are my own

Why I love my body


Yesterday CurvyKate held am event in the Trafford Centre which gave you the chance to win £200 worth of CurvyKate by telling them why you loved your body. Sadly, I wasn’t able to make the event due to being under the weather with glandular fever, however, I still love my body and believe everyone should love there’s. Why, you may ask. Everyone’s body is transportation to the world around us, our bodies are magical and completely unique, this is why I love mine…

I love my feet as they defied the doctors and helped me walk, once I started I never stopped. My feet have helped me travel, something I will always do. I love my legs because they give me height and help me to reach things from high places and do the splits which is always fun. I love my knees because they look like faces and remind me of drama masks, reminding me of how much I love drama and the large part it has played in my life. I love my bum because its good for wiggling and helps me bounce of a trampoline, I love my hips because they help me dance (badly) to my hearts content. I love my waist because it helps me hula-hoop and is a good place for grabbing when I’m stressed in exams. I love my chest it contains my heart which keeps me alive and is full of things I love, protected by my boobs which are a talking point for conversation, meaning it never runs dry. I love my shoulders and collar bone because they keep my clothes upright. I love my arms as they help me stretch. I love my hands and fingers because they help me write my ideas down, help me play the piano and help me stay connected with those I love. I love my neck as it helps my head be held high. I love my mouth as it helps me voice my opinions,I love my teeth as I’ve never needed a filling and make a cracking smile, I love my checks as when they flush I look like Snow White. I love my nose as it helps me take in new smells, I love my eyes and ears as they let me see and hear the wonderful world around me. I love my hair as it makes me feel like a mermaid and keeps me warm in the winter.

My body Is amazing, no-one can ever take that away from me. Just like no one can take the wonderful creation, that is your body away from you.

Much love
Hannah xxx

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Busty on a budget – crop tops


Hello again and welcome to the first instalment of a brand new series on my blog, ‘busty on a budget’. Within this series I’ll be telling you all about the style gems I find that fit the busty, hourglass figure and on a budget. Without further ado….say hello to the crop top.

Crop tops can be a pain, especially if you’re busty, with your usual size usually not covering very much! This was definitely the case for me. After many trips to many shops and trying in many different sizes I’ve found the shop that caters for the busty figure, covering your chest in low and behold…YOUR NORMAL SIZE.

This shop isn’t expensive, nor is it hard to find, it’s the humble high street favourite, primark. Now, sadly I forgot to take pictures but if you take a peek on kel kitty’s blog, you can find pictures and another post all about crop tops.

You can buy the crop tops in your usual size (without the boob), with no stretching or escaping bra to be seen, and as its primark they come in a range of sizes and aren’t very expensive at all. My favourite was a wine coloured number with white hearts, it was gorgeous.

Take a peek at your local primark and tell me what your favourite was.

Happy shopping, much love.
Hannah xxx

Review : Charnos Sienna

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Hello again, sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been a poorly blogger (dropped two dress sizes in 6 days!!). I’m back and I’m better than ever, I’ve even got an exciting series coming up and ideas to expand the blog which I am very excited about. I’ll stop babbling now and get on with the review.

I was recently contacted by the lovely people from Charnos asking if they could send me items to review, I agreed they could and a few days later a lovely package popped through the door, (that was a good day). I’d just like to say that although these were sent to me this does not alter my judgement, all opinions are 100% my own and have not been influenced in anyway.


Although my true size isn’t in the size range of Charnos (they start at a size 30 back and end at a size H cup) the lovely lady I was emailing suggested I tried the 30H as this is also a bra size I fit into (boobs are complicated people).

As you can see I received the Sienna set in purple passion. I was told they’d found the perfect set for me, and wow they were right. As I have written in previous posts my favourite colour is purple and this set is purple and simply gorgeous.

This full cup style is in 4 sections for added uplift and support, further support is added by the thick underwires, which although are thick are by no means uncomfortable. The upper section is mesh and has beautiful detailing all over the section which mirrors that of the design on the briefs (more on that later), there is also lovely bow detailing on the central gore and straps. The gore is not to big nor too small and sits comfortably between my boobs. The fourth section is at the side of the bra and is attached to the straps, meaning boobs are pushed forwards and not under the arms.

The straps are fully adjustable which is fab. The straps are not only functional but also fashionable, with ribbed detailing (stops the straps sliding down)and looped detailing which carries on throughout the design. The band is also very thick for added support. This bra has 2hooks and eyes although this is not an issue as I felt very well supported.

The briefs are equally as gorgeous. With the detailing of the bow, mesh design and looped detailing carried on throughout the design of the briefs. I ordered these in a size 10 and can say they fit beautifully and are very comfortable.

Why not check them out, I know you’ll be as pleased as I was

Lots of love
Hannah x

I just don’t want to have sex with you – pt1


From a very young age the ideal figure is thrust upon us in the form of dolls. Beautifully sculptured bodies, long legs, large bust, makeup and long blonde hair. We all know the dolls I’m on about, said dolls have affected everyone, both male and female. Women desire to look like her, go on extreme diets, plaster faces in makeup and bleach their hair to become something that is simply impossible. It also affects the men in a similar way, it puts in front of them a view of women, of the perfect woman that, again, is impossible to achieve.

Indeed I was, and still am one of these people. I will admit that I have very low body image, those, I feel is due to the social ideals of perfect. I long to be thin, and it has taken me a long time to be comfortable with the way I look. I started to walk, I’d walk miles everyday hiding my body in big hoodies and jeans, walking along main roads. I began to be shouted at by men, shouting comments at my body, these however were all ‘positive comments’, you may think ‘she got told she looks nice she’s fine’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I began to walk further, I thought that if I lost weight, the comments would stop (especially about my chest), I was wrong the comments began to become more extreme. On one occasion a man attempted to get me into his car, asking how much I’d charge him. After this I refused to go out of the house alone for a while, and I’m not going to lie, I I’m still not a fan.

Yes, I may have a larger chest , but because I do doesn’t mean I have any desire to have sex with you. I may sometimes wear a low cut top, It’s because I’m hot, not because I have any desire to go home with you. Welcome to our silly society.

*i said this would be a series that would run throughout the week, however I have now decided to do these posts over a period of weeks. Hope this is ok with everyone*

Hannah xx

I just don’t want to have sex with you – intro


One time in our lives we’ll all experience it, the wolf whistles, the ‘alright sexy’, sometimes it can put a little spring in your step, a little ‘ooh I must look good today’ thought in your mind. What happens though, when it gets to much to handle, when this starts happening everyday and random strangers start to follow you, slow down their cars and take pictures of you and try to grab you. Welcome to mine and many other girls world.

During this short series of posts I will be telling you all about my experiences and what it has led me to do in the past. The first post shall be up tomorrow explaining societies view on body shapes, sizes and how we portray ourselves to the world.

Much love
Hannah x

Hello Sailor – ootd


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Sadly I won't be travelling the seven seas this summer, but today I wanted to be a pirate so out came this iron fist dress from ebay. The 50s style skirt (promise it's there) emphasises my small waist as does the waistband, while the button detailing on the chest and the halter neck add some nice detailing. This dress is fab for spinning in. I was feeling that piratey I even put my hair in a reverse fish tail and started swaying side to side. (Oh I do like to be beside the sea side)

Are you going away anywhere nice?

Much love
Hannah x

Tutti Rouge Lilliana review

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In one of my posts I mentioned that I tried this lovely bra on, so I though I’d give it a little review. Sadly I didn’t buy this bra as they didn’t have the correct size in stock (maybe next time).

Fit – I would say this bra is a very small fit, both in the cup and back. I’m a happy clappy 28J, however, when I tried this bra on the 28 band didn’t even come close to closing. I then tried on the 30HH and the band was much better, however the cups were a tad too small, so in this bra I’d be a 30J. I advise to go up in both the cup and band, especially if buying online.

Design – This bra is a beautiful girlie bubblegum pink colour, with delicate ribbon detail around the upper section of the cups, gore and lower part of the straps. The cups are also lightly padded for a little more rounded shape. The straps also have cute heart detailing, making it extra fun and flirty. The bra boasts fully adjustable straps so you can alter the support level to your preferences, there is also 3 hooks GG-J for that extra support.

This bra is cute and girly, from ribbon detailing to the heart detailing. If you’re a girly girl or a lover of the colour pink this bra is for you. Hope this helps

Much love
Hannah x

Something special with brastop

Bra Posts, chitchat is where a busty girls dream comes true, carrying sizes from D to K in a range of brands such as Freya and Curvy Kate at upto 60% off the RRP. Guess what, you lucky lot get to see their first ever viral video. The video was made using stop motion (think Wallace and Gromit style). The video features the beautiful model Freya Pibworth, who was the January winner of the Brastop modelling competition. Brastop encourage ” customers of all shapes and size to enter, with the aim of liberating the word “curvy” from a size stigma and show that curvy is not a size but a shape that many of our customers have.” – who knows I might even enter sometime!


A large amount of work went into this video, which consists of 192 individual shots , with Freya coming alive from a drawing and creating havoc on the brastop desks decorated with bras, magazines and spotty mugs (which I very much like).

The lovely marketing manager Kimberly says , “Affordable lingerie, excellent customer service and a light-hearted company… these are the three things strive towards on a daily basis and I think this video conveys our fun nature perfectly.”

I couldn’t agree with the above statement more, I was left smiling after watching the video, it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Want to see the video for yourself, well guess what you can, I know you’ll love it as much as I do!

The lovely people at brastop have given me a code for my readers to recieve 10% off their next order, act fast however, the code expires 2nd August 2013. The code is ‘BAB10’. So get shopping!

I’ve always loved brastop and will continue to love them, my endless purchases show this! My top picks currently are…

The gorgeous Curvy Kate smoothie for £29, with the code this is £26.10

The stunning tempt me (I will find my correct size in this!) for £12.95 (16.05 saving from the original price), with the code this is £11.66

The fabulous Freya Ellie balconette in orchid (although I usually like padding this is gorgeous). This is £19.95 (£13.05 saving from original price), with the code this is £17.96

Brastop also do nightwear, so I thought I’d show you my best bits from that section of the website. This is the Berlei weekend wrap in black. This is £36.95 (£15.05 saving from original price), with the code this is £33.25

What are your best bits from

Much love
Hannah x